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Why Got Bugs

Why choose Got Bugs Exterminating in Tucson, AZ

Our Treatments

Our team of technicians considers your particular needs in their entirety before creating a plan of action. We offer affordable treatments to fit your individual situation. We assess the size, location, damage of your pest problem, and extent of the infestation, but also the timeliness of the matter and any persons or pets who are especially likely to become ill from contact with or proximity to our compounds. Got Bugs? Exterminating technicians can use green compounds as an alternative to the traditional chemicals, just ask! All of the products applied by Got Bugs? Exterminating are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We offer reasonably-priced treatments for both residential and commercial locations which are custom-selected according to the ratio of immediate treatment and prevention needed for your home or business. How often our technicians make a visit depends most of all on how important prevention is for the customer after their initial treatment. We realize that every individual has a different level of tolerance for pests as well, meaning that the frequency and severity of treatment will vary from person to person. We are always efficient and timely in our execution of these treatments.